Recycled Steel Drum Veve of the Twins Wallhanging from Haiti

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Hand carved out of a recycled steel drum, this wallhanging, measuring 23" in diameter, brings a taste of other lands into your home. The Veve of the Twins, or Marassa, represents the mysterious forces of opposites, such as good and evil, or happy and sad within the Voodoo religion. In seconds, life as they knew it changed for the people around Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Years later, rebuilding has been slow, thousands are still living in tent cities, and food and water are a struggle. This cooperative lost their facility in the earthquake, so they popped up tents and were back to work within 45 days. The artisans receive a fair and stable income for their work, and enjoy lunch together at the cooperative. Since this is an actual steel drum that has been repurposed, some discoloration and age marks may be present and only add to the individuality of your art.

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