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Himalayan Yak Cheese Chew for Dogs - Medium

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Product Description

No secret, our chews are the safest and longest-lasting dog chew in the market - made using only two natural ingredients yak and cow milk and lime juice. No other fillers, preservatives, chemical additives, grains, or meat. It is a 100% milk-protein cheese and is lactose-free. The actual production process is identical to the cheese-making process except our chews are made using milk from cow and yak that are grazed in unique organic alpine vegetation. The production of our chew is very simple with unique Himalayan touch. Every chew is hand-made using pasteurized 1% milk. Milk is coagulated with lime juice, and lactose is washed off from the milk protein, and the milk protein dough is pressed overnight, sliced and smoke/air dry for months in an insulated mountain kiln to naturally remove moisture and gain the natural hardness. Our signature chews are 100% cheese and get softened as dogs mix it with saliva as dogs work on them, and are therefore much safer than any other dog chews in the market.

Handcrafted by an ever-expanding network of industrious community farmers in the Himalayan Foothills of Nepal. Your purchase of Kathmandu's brand yak chew directly supports the livelihood of community farmers and their children's education!

  • Made in Nepal
  • Yak cheese chew
  • One chew
  • Size varies. Measures approximately 5" long
  • All natural

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