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Woven Cotton Blue Stripe Potholder from Nepal

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Product Description

Cotton potholders are the "go to" for versatility. They keep your hand protected from the heat, are incredibly flexible, and when you get lasagna all over them, just toss them them in the washer to clean them up for the next cooking adventure! They make a perfect gift for the new homeowner or hostess and pair beautifully with a dish towel and wooden spoon for a delightful set.

The process in making something as simple as a towel is not simple at all. It all begins with the dyeing of the thread. At the Association for Craft Producers (ACP), all the threads for woven fabrics are hand dyed with environmentally friendly water based dyes. ACP has a 300,000 litre rainwater catchment where they collect water to use for dyeing. They also have a waste-water treatment facility for keeping any residual dye from entering the river.  Once the yarn is dyed and air or kiln dried it is then distributed to different weaving groups where it is wound onto bobbins to be used for weaving. Eighty women work at ACP’s facility in Kathmandu where they receive not only a fair wage but also skills, training, and a large social benefit package.

Step 2 is the warping. In the village of Kirtipur, Nepal,  Laxmi Maharjan wanted to educate her children and bring them out of poverty. Since 1984 her hard work and vision have changed her life and the lives of 60 other families in her village. Starting with 4 traditional women weavers in 1984, her group has grown to 60 today, making it the largest producer group associated with ACP! Laxmi’s drive and bravery revived a village by using the traditional weaving skills passed down by their grandmothers. The income earned by these women has significantly impacted the lives of their children, many of whom have not only gone to school but have gone on to higher education. Once the warp is tied onto the loom, the process moves on to the weaving.

The weavers of Kirtipur then step in to do their part. Weaving is done in a woman’s spare time when she is not caring for children or her household and is often done on looms that are over 100 years old. The women use a flying shuttle and it takes approximately 1 hour to weave one meter of cloth. Each meter is approximately 72 inches wide so 6 table runners can be produced from 2 meters of fabric. 

Finally, the fabric is passed on to the sewing unit. This group is supervised by sewing master Bijaya Laxmi Rana who ensures every piece is sewn to perfection.

  • Hand loomed in Nepal
  • Quilted cotton
  • Potholder measures 7-7/8" square
  • Machine wash gentle, hang to dry
  • Colors will vary

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