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Wool Slippers (9.75" long) from Mongolia

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Keep those tootsies warm and cozy with a pair of our felted wool slippers! The seamless design with a suede cloth bottom, makes these super comfy. They'll quickly become your favorite home slipper on those chilly nights and cool mornings.
Snow Leopard Enterprises is an award-winning conservation program that creates economic opportunities for families who share snow leopard habitat and reduces the motivation behind poaching. Many families who live in the remote regions where snow leopards are found are pastoralists, and they depend on their herds of livestock for food and livelihood. Snow leopards usually hunt wild prey species, but the cats will occasionally target livestock grazing in their habitat too. Because these families are typically living on less than $2 per day, the loss of even a single animal can create great financial hardship. Herders may retaliate against snow leopards to protect their animals, or set steel-jaw traps to stop the cats before they get too close. The idea for conservation is really quite simple. Address the poverty that lies at the root of the problem and you'll help preserve the cats. Herder women in snow leopard habitat produce unique handicrafts with the natural resources at their disposal, like wool from their sheep. The sales of these products has been shown to boost their income by up to 40%. In return, the entire community pledges to keep the snow leopards in their area safe from harm.
  • Made by hand in Mongolia
  • Felted wool with faux suede cloth bottom
  • One pair
  • Measures approximately 9-3/4" inside from toe tip to heel
  • Fits Mens size 8-1/2" or Ladies size 7
  • Spot wash / air dry
  • Photo representative of general pattern and style. Due to the hand crafted nature of this item, exact colors may vary. Please contact for exact colors available. 

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Made by hand is uniquely beautiful. Our products are made by humans, not mass produced on automated machines. Minor imperfections and variations are to be expected as a characteristic of the artistry. Please appreciate these individualities for what they are, a maker pouring their heart and soul into a unique and beautiful piece of work for you.

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