Upcycled Sari Snap Clips from India

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Indian saris are known for their bright colors and beautiful patterns. This fabulous hair clip pair upcycles scraps of sari fabric into everyday designs that are sure to become a favorite. Easily worn with your favorite day time outfit as well as evening wear.

The challenges for many artisans are daunting. It's not only a matter of making a fair income, but having an income that's consistent. This requires a unique blend that marries their craftsmanship with a modern flair that makes their products highly marketable. When done well, the partnership supports cultural heritage, creative expression, and fair trade practices, all while looking fabulous dangling from your ears.

  • Made by hand in India
  • Upcycled sari fabric wrapped around wooden beads
  • Brass metal wire
  • Snap clip pair
  • 2" wide
  • Due to the upcycled nature of the sari fabric, colors may vary

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