Sterling Silver Ribbon Play & Charcoal Druzy Quartz Pendant Necklace

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There are pendants and there are pendants that are absolutely mesmerizing. The handcrafted nature of the sterling silver setting makes every piece unique. Add the sparkle and light from a beautiful druzy quartz, and this will soon be one of your favorite pieces. 

Ithil Metal Works was founded in 1997 by Israel Ben Haroush and Gilli Dagmi, two young Israeli jewelry designers who after traveling through many lands established their studio in Tel Aviv, Israel. Each piece is carefully crafted by hand from precious metals, often including accents of druzy quartz or glass from the days of the Roman Empire, creating truly stunning pieces of fine jewelry.

  • Made by hand in Israel
  • Sterling silver and charcoal color Druzy quartz pendant
  • Pendant measures 1-3/8" tall
  • 18" sterling silver chain

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