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Quilted Cotton Adras Fingertip Potholder in Blue & Brown from Kyrgyzstan

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If a traditional potholder and an oven mitt had a love child, this would be it. It has the ease and flexibility of the potholder, with the finger protection of the oven mitt. Simply slide your fingers into the top pocket, your thumb into the bottom and fold your hand. There's no fear of fingers sliding just off the edge of a square, or fussing with trying to get the oven mitt on and off. You can simply slide your hand in, grab the dish, and slip it off again quick. What a perfect gift for the home chef!

Made by Zulya using adras fabric. Adras is a fabric made using a technique that is special to the region of the "Stans". Rather than weaving a large piece of fabric and then dying it, or using different colored threads to weave the pattern into the fabric, the thread itself is dyed first. Threads are first laid out roughly as they will be woven. Groups of threads are bound together by string, areas to remain undyed are painted by a wax resist, and the dye is then applied. Once the thread dries, the wax and string are removed, and the thread is ready to weave. The finished pattern will have a bit of blurriness around the edges, since the weaving cannot precisely match the dying. The better the weaver, the tighter the edge, making those clear patterns much more valuable. 

Zulya has endured a great deal in her short 41 years. Tragedy hit her family about 5 years ago when her husband developed an infection in his left leg that couldn't be treated. His leg eventually needed to be amputated just above the knee. His days of working as a taxi driver and providing steady income for his family were over. Zulya had already been working as a seamstress, accepting work from a large-scale dress seller at one of the local markets in the city. After her husband's amputation, she needed to step up and take on more work and has spent many days in the last five years working around the clock to fulfill orders. While it would be easy for her to become focused strictly on the welfare of herself, husband, and three children, Zulya is always eager to share what she does have, whether it's produce from the garden or a loaf of bread. As Zulya gains orders that pay better, she can start working a little less and enjoying her family a bit more. 

  • Made by hand in Kyrgyzstan
  • Quilted cotton fabric with internal layer of quilt batting
  • One potholder
  • Measures approximately 5-3/4" wide x 9-3/4" long with "pocket" on both ends for fingertips
  • Due to the dying and weaving technique used in adras, the exact pattern of each potholder will vary slightly.

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