Pink Woven Cloth on Terracotta Nativity Set on a Plate from Guatemala

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This charming multipiece nativity set pairs the style of traditional Guatemalan weaving with the scene that's grown so familiar. Set on a terracotta plate, it's incredibly easy to pick up and move from mantel to table to dresser top.

Clay is collected from the riverbeds of the Chenautla area, which is then sculpted by hand to make each figure. They are then dried in the sun, painted with a red clay slip, polished, then slowly baked for 2-3 hours over a pine bark fire with grass layered over top to help retain the heat. Occasional black smoke spots are normal for this ancient firing process, and add to the character of each piece. For a small cooperative of approximately 80 women, living in the surrounding area of Guatemala City, fair trade has brought a better way of life. By gaining access to educational and employment opportunities they can finally support their families. In addition to selling their crafts around the globe, they now have opportunities in several local businesses including a bakery, soy milk factory, and internet center. Due to the handcrafted nature of this set, fabric colors will vary.  

  • Made by hand in Guatemala
  • Terracotta figures wrapped in woven cloth
  • Tallest figure measures approximately 2-1/2" on 7-3/4" diameter plate
  • Set of 12 pieces, including Mary, Joseph, Jesus, 3 wisemen, a villager, cow, horse, sheep, and terracotta plate

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