Painted Ceramic Navy Tree of Life Trivet

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Dress up your table with a trivet that's not only functional, but also beautiful. The tree of life symbol is one that embodies the cycle of life as well as strength and durability. It is only with strong roots, that one can flourish, grow, give oxygen into the air, and drop the seeds for future generations.

The relief method of decorating ceramics is very complex, and must be done patiently and slowly. The pigments are mixed with clay slip as well as glaze in a traditional formula. Using a special brush, the artist applies the pattern one line, dot, and flower at a time. The painted pieces are fired first at 850-950 degrees, then a second time after being coated with a mixture of quartz, glaze, and sodium carbonate. This second step is the tricky part to the process. If the heat is too low, the glaze will not convert and the ware will shine. If the heat is too high, the colors run, smudging the design. If the kiln cools too quickly, the glaze will crack. It's only at the perfect temperature for just the right amount of time, with a slow cool that their artistry shines through. 

The North American Turkish Trade Organization was established in 1985 in an effort to help skilled artisans from small communities find an outlet for their remarkable artistry. Using techniques that have been practiced for generations, they can achieve a stable income while celebrating the rich artistic heritage of the region. 

  • Made by hand in Turkey
  • Hand painted ceramic
  • Trivet measures 8-3/8" tall x 8" wide x 3/8" thick
  • Heat resistant
  • Soft lined underside
  • Food safe
  • Hand wash 
  • Not for use in microwave

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