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Orange Tone Small Woven Lidded Prayer Mat Basket from Senegal

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Add some intrigue to your home decor! These incredibly fun baskets are woven with grass and recycled plastic strips, making them fun as well as functional. The small size is perfect to hold jewelry items, or as a little decorative accent.

This coil style of basket weaving has been practiced in Senegal for generations, and Wolof girls learn weaving technique from their mothers and aunts. Traditionally, Wolof women crafted baskets by binding njodax, a thick local grass, with thin strips of palm frond. Palm fronds were difficult to work and very hard on the hands of the weavers, so about 20 years ago an anonymous creative party introduced large needles and strips of plastic purchased from a mat factory in Dakar. This simple change in material dramatically reduced discomfort during the weaving process. Today’s Wolof baskets reflect this merger of traditional crafting techniques with contemporary materials. Among the Wolof, basket weaving is specifically a woman’s craft. In many rural villages across Senegal, the men of the family must work in major cities or abroad, and send back money to the family. In some cases, this income alone is not enough to fully meet the family’s needs, so the women of the family supplement that income by weaving baskets.

  • Made by hand in Senegal
  • Grass and plastic
  • Measures approximately 6-1/2" tall with lid on by 4-1/2" diameter.
  • Due to the nature of the weaving, some plastic ends may not be fully tucked in. Simply use a paper clip to easily push the edge back into the coils of the basket.

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