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Onaapo Kente Socks from Ghana

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Product Description

Add some zip to your socks! Kente inspired socks not only give you a bit of color to your wardrobe, they'll bring a smile to your face. “Onaapo” is Ga-language slang literally meaning “you won’t even get it”. It’s a way to praise something nice or beautiful, that is so nice it’s nearly impossible to get. The term went viral after it became the title of an election song for a Ghanaian party, but it’s popularity endures with all Ghanaians, and you can commonly find it painted on the backs of Taxis and Tro-tros.

Afrisocks was created to bring a touch of African color and style to your sock drawer. The patterns are designed in Ghana, with a nod to the kente and ankara patterns they're known for. The socks are produced in Turkey, where they REALLY know what they're doing when it comes to cotton. Why not in Ghana? Believe it or not, there are NO sock producers in the Economic Community of West Africa States. None. Not a one. So while Afrisocks is squirreling away money to open the first production facility in the region, we'll just bask in the joy these lovelies bring to the sock drawer.  

  • Designed in Ghana / Produced in Turkey 
  • 90% cotton, 8% polyamide, 2% elasthan
  • Machine wash cold, tumble dry low

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