Multicolor Ceramic and Paper Bead Necklace from Haiti

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This unique combination of multicolor glazed ceramic beads with rolled paper beads in a chunky necklace is the conversation piece you'll love to wear. Eye catching without being flashy, it's a must have in any jewelry box.

Haiti has one of the highest unemployment rates in the Western Hemisphere. As families struggle to survive, the children are most at risk. In the worst situations, parents are faced with a horrible choice...reduce the family or starve. A child may be given away to a family friend or relative for "care", but the brutal fact is that they are in essence placed into servitude. These child slaves are called restaveks, and they have little to be hopeful about for the future. It's critical to keep these "at risk" Haitian families together and protect the future of the children. This group does exactly that. They offer continuing education and job skills training, emergency medical care & support, community development, small business mentorship, and school tuition assistance. 

  • Made by hand in Haiti
  • Glazed ceramic and rolled paper beads
  • Single strand necklace
  • Measures approximately 49"

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