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Mint Latte Vietnamese Pour Over Coffee

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Product Description

Light, refreshing, and alert: our Mint Latte is one cool customer. This one’s guaranteed to wake you up like a splash of water to the face (but in less messy, more delicious fashion). We fold real organic mint leaves into our Vietnamese blend, which brew straight into your cup for the smoothest of all our coffees. It’s a hit of nature and sunshine all at once.

The team at Copper Cow Coffee is the brainchild of Vietnamese-American Debbie Wei Mullin. Debbie’s love for Vietnamese coffee, her passion for craft coffee culture, and her background in sustainability married together perfectly to create Vietnamese pour over coffee sets. Copper Cow has developed strong relationships with the Vietnamese coffee farmers over the years. The farmers are paid two times the market rate to ensure they're paid fairly for the highest quality beans. They use only organic agricultural and processing methods, so no chemicals or pesticides are used. Not only is the coffee itself sustainably sourced, but each step of the supply chain is held up to the same strong standards, guaranteeing one truly delicious mug.

  • Packaged in the United States
  • Vietnamese coffee
  • 5 prepacked sets
  • Set includes filter to set on top of mug, coffee, and cream for one mug of coffee

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