Lost Wax Bronze Woman with Water Jug from Burkina Faso

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Lost wax bronze sculpture from Burkina Faso measuring approximately 5-3/4" tall. This delightful sculpture captures the beauty of every day life in bronze. Artisans in Burkina Faso cast each one by hand using the lost wax method, a skill passed down through the generations. The sculpture is first carved in beeswax, then repeatedly dipped in a clay slip until a mold is formed around it. The piece is then baked in an oven, resulting in the wax melting and flowing out through a hole left for just this purpose. Finally, this void is filled with molten bronze. Once the bronze cools, the mold is smashed and the process starts from the beginning again. Because each wax sculpture is carved individually, every piece will have slightly unique characteristics of its own.

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