Long Rainbow Chakra Chime from India

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Many meditation practices refer to the 7 chakras of energy within the human body. Each of these has a symbol, color, and vibration frequency associated with it. Hang your seven chakras with a small chime hanging at the base as a reminder to live each day thoughtfully.

Bell making is a traditional art form which originated out of the need to track herds of cattle though the remote areas of India. Herders knew the sound of their cattle by the tone each bell. Generations later, these bells are still being made: some for temple purposes, some for herding purposes, and some for decorative purposes like those which we bring to you. The Luhar family has been making these bells for years and the tradition has been passed down from father to son. They preserve the technique in Behat, India by sharing their skills with family.

The bells begin as metal sheets once used as water drums or for other purposes and are bought by our artisans. The metal is then outlined so each bell can be cut with the least amount of metal going to waste. Once cut, the bells are transformed into their round shapes using basic hand tools and riveted together. They are then coated with copper shavings and submerged in fire to create a rustic and distinct look. The last step in making the bells is to hand tune each one to perfection. Each bell design has its own pitch that the artisans match. 

  • Made by hand in India
  • Upcycled scrap metal with painted finish
  • Indoor & outdoor use
  • Chime is 50" long x 4" wide
  • Can be sprayed with a clear coat to preserve color and longevity 

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