Large Green Crocheted Bullet Casing Bead Earring from Ethiopia

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It's the perfect light weight earring that packs a huge punch! Made from upcycled spent bullet casings, they take the tragedy of violence and transform them into something of beauty.

On Entoto Mountain, roughly half of the villagers have HIV/AIDS. Not because it's a pocket, but because those afflicted are no longer welcome in their own homes. Entoto welcomes them with open arms giving them the dignity they deserve. Due to the decades of on again / off again war, they have a steady resource of bullet casings. The artisans take these casings, melt them down, and make stunning jewelry out of them. Out of the ashes of war comes remarkable beauty.

  • Made by hand in Ethiopia
  • Recycled bullet casing
  • Crocheted cotton on wire
  • Measures approximately 3" tall including earwires

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