Hebron Glass Decorative Pitcher from Palestine

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Hebron glass pitcher from Palestine measuring approximately 3-1/4" wide x 6-1/2" tall. During the era of the Roman rule in Palestine, glass blowing was introduced in Hebron as artistry flourished through the territory. It became such a solid part of their culture, that the "Glass Blower Quarter" remains in Hebron's Old City to this day. Recycled bottles are smashed into pieces and melted in high temperature ovens. In Phoenician glass blowing, artisans add substances such as iron oxide and copper oxide to the molten glass, with the resulting reaction creating a range of colors. Working with this process takes an especially skilled hand, using unique trade secrets that have been passed down through the generations. It takes hours of practice to achieve the beauty for which Phoenician glass is known and those who advance are known as true masters of the art. There are just a few Palestinian families remaining who operate the glass facilities outside the city. Each piece has its own unique blend of color and pattern making it a special work of art. 

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