Gold Plate Dangling Hoop Earrings from India

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A good dangle is so hard to find. These dangling hoops combine the beauty of gold, the movement of a dangle, and the simplicity of a hoop. It's the perfect combination!

India has a long history of metalworking traditions. Expert artisans in our Jaipur workshop create intricately detailed pieces mirroring the design work of Ancient Greece and Mesopotamia. Achieving the fine granulation and filigree work takes extreme attention to detail at every stage of a delicate and lengthy process. Once each piece is finished, it is plated in an 18k gold, giving it the highlight it deserves. Through this artistry, the artisans are now able to continue this stunning tradition for generations to come

  • Made by hand in India
  • 18k gold plate on sterling
  • Overall height 1-3/4" including ear wires

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