Felted Nativity with Stable from Nicaragua

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Finally a nativity set you can let them touch! Move the pieces around, drop them, palm 2 together in one hand, it's all good. This fabulous nativity set lets them get hands on without the fear of breakage.

Leon is the second largest city in Nicaragua. It is also a region that saw heavy fighting during the Nicaraguan Civil War in the 1980's. Add on the devastation of Hurricane Mitch, and the area is teetering on the economic edge. The ladies around Leon are learning sewing in their spare time, offering some addition financial stability. Designed by Judith and made by the Delgadillo family, this set has an incredible attention to detail. Under the keffiyah (or head scarf) you'll find a little pop bottle cap to stabilize it. The ladies thought the stable should have a rock, so they collected stones from the Pacific Ocean by Poneloya. Every little stitch and detail has been well thought out, making this set beautiful as well as touchable.  

  • Made by hand in Nicaragua
  • Hand stitched polyester felt
  • Set includes Mary, Joseph, Jesus, 3 wisemen, angel, camel, donkey, sheep, stable, and palm tree.

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