Embroidered 9 pc Felted Wool Nativity with Yurt from Kyrgyzstan

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Hand embroidered 9 piece felted wool nativity with yurt. Tallest figure is approximately 4". Made by Asel from felted wool with embroidered details. Home life is not easy for Asel. Her husband injured his neck as a young man and although he is willing and eager to work, it is difficult for him to do most types of labor as he experiences pain and blackouts. The family, made up of Asel, her husband, and two daughters, relies heavily on the profits from the sale of her handicrafts. With these proceeds, Asel is now able to purchase the clothing and footwear her children need to be able to attend school. This wonderful set has Jesus lying in a bishik, the traditional cradle used in Kyrgyzstan. 

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