Eco-Resin and Precious Metal Triangle Earrings from Colombia

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Eco-Resin and precious metal triangle earrings from Colombia. Measures approximately 1" long on 1-1/4" wire drop. Civil war began in Colombia in May of 1964, continuing through the fall of 2016, when a peace deal was finally signed and approved. The toll from this 50 year conflict was immense, leaving 220,000 dead, 25,000 vanished, and 57 million displaced. Rebuilding the nation will take time, patience, and an attention to the disadvantaged and displaced. This Eco-Resin jewelry provides employment for women affected by the war while respecting the environment. Rather than using the traditional petroleum based carbon to produce the resin, they have developed a renewable plant based carbon. It uses tree waste from the logging industry, giving the beauty and durability of a strong resin, without the impact to the environment and ecosystem that results from the petroleum industry. Each piece is infused with flecks of precious 24k gold, silver, or copper as well as the occasional color effect. Necklaces are either a 24k gold plated chain or sterling silver. Earring wires can be copper, sterling silver, or nickel free bronze wire.

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