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Dark Roasted Cuban Style Coffee in Traveler Pack - Bean

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Along with giving coffee its 'first passage' into the Americas, Latin America's most famous coffee style comes from Cuba. The dark, sugary celebration 'cafecito' of powerful coffee can be enjoyed at home with this mountain grown coffee. Strong enough to sweeten with cane sugar, yet smooth to taste, it'll be sure to give you a brisk start in the morning.

No need to sacrifice your taste buds during your travels away from home. The ‘Traveler’ goes with you. Each 60g bag makes approximately 8 cups in the office, campsite, or even at 30,000 feet in the sky. Perfect for gifting on their own, or paired with one of our beautiful hand painted ceramic mugs! 

Unique Mountain micro-climates and volcanic soils across Nicaragua make bold, aromatic coffees with nuanced notes. Five senses onboard. Today, 99% of the world’s coffees are grown in the world’s poorest countries. Almost all of these coffees are exported as raw ‘green’ beans to the most developed countries. Fair trade or not, the current coffee path leaves most families at the source with few jobs & marginal, unpredictable income. Poverty relentlessly pushes onward. Twin Engine Coffee is partnering, growing, selecting, roasting, & packing delicious single-origin coffees, right at the source in the heart of Nicaragua. A simple shift to the source means that you can buy better coffee that contributes maximum resources to stop poverty locally. 400% faster. Sustainably. Today.

  • Grown and roasted in Nicaragua 
  • Dark roast Cuban Style
  • Certified organic
  • 60g (one 8 cup pot of coffee)
  • Whole Bean

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