Ceramic Citrus Juicer from Cameroon

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Lemonade makes a wonderful treat all year round. You can be mixed and ready to go within minutes with a citrus juicer! Start with the juice of one lemon and 2/3 cup of sugar in the bottom of your pitcher. Fill to the top with water, stir and refrigerate. If you're looking for a drink with a unique twist, get creative with your citrus! We like to add the juice of a lime, orange, or grapefruit as well. If you want even more zip to your summer refresher, top it off with a little ginger syrup. Simply simmer together 2 inches of peeled and sliced ginger in 4 cups of water until the water becomes yellow. The longer you simmer, the stronger your ginger. Add 1/4 cup to your pitcher of lemonade for a subtle ginger kick. Refrigerate the remainder of your syrup for future batches.

Cameroon has one of the stronger economies in sub-Saharan Africa. While some of the population has great wealth, there is also chronic corruption, a wide wealth disparity, and poor infrastructure. As a result, the living situation for the average person is filled with challenges. There are currently 6.1 million people without access to safe drinking water, 10.1 million people without electricity, and the average life expectancy is only 59 years old! One thing they do have, is generations of artistry. In the Western Highlands, the high-quality clay that's readily available makes pottery production the perfect opportunity. Using techniques passed down from their ancestors, they make bowls, mugs, baking dishes, and citrus juicers. Artisans in Cameroon not only offers sustainable employment with a fair income, but also apprenticeship programs, and assistance with education, healthcare, and housing. 

  • Made by hand in Cameroon
  • Ceramic
  • Includes juicer and bowl with pour spout
  • Measures approximately 8" long x 5" tall
  • Hand wash
  • Due to the hand crafted nature of this piece, each one will have slight differences, making every one unique


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