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Cat Cross Stitch Stocking Ornament

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The women of Syria have been mastering the art of counted cross stitch for generations. It's an art form that takes patience, time, and, in Syria, vision. They use the patterns they've been taught, no longer needing to read charts and count stitches. They pick up their fabric and needle, choose a color, and just let the design flow out of them. These delightful stocking ornaments combined the Western patterns with their amazing skill, making them a true collectors piece. They are a one of a kind, never to be produced again. What a wonderful addition to any tree!

In 2011, the conflict in Syrian began, reaching a loss of life exceeding 400,000 in the first 3 years alone. There are currently 11 million displace Syrians due to the conflict, all of whom are struggling on multiple levels. Dancing Fig Imports is focused on assisting this group of artisans. They provide any materials needed that aren’t readily available in the region as well as assistance in product design. They ensure the women are paid fairly and offer an opportunity for income that's currently difficult to find. The artisans gain a sense of control amidst the chaos and a much needed income that will help them past this period of instability.

  • Hand made by Syrian women
  • Ornament has cross stitch front with felt material back
  • Stocking measures 2-1/2" wide x 3-1/2" tall, hanging white braided thread loop

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