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Carved Olive Wood Lemon Juicer from Palestine

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Fresh juice is just a twist away with this olive wood juicer! Simply cut your citrus in half and twist the juicer in the flesh over your pitcher. The seeds collect in the grooves and the juice drizzles into the pitcher. Add 2/3 cup of sugar and fill to the top with water for a slightly sweet juice. Want a little extra pop? Mix your citrus by combining a lemon and lime, or even a grapefruit!

The wood carvers of Palestine have long depended on tourists as their source of income. The conflict with Israel has made the region so volatile, that tourists are no longer commonplace and they are finding making a living very challenging. Finding new markets outside the country is one way to give them a better chance of supporting their families. They use tree trimmings and the wood from olive trees too old to produce fruit for their carvings, protecting future olive crops. Each piece is cut, sanded, and varnished to preserve the beauty of the graining olive wood is known for. This wood grain is unique to every piece made and will change the color variation depending on how it falls within that carving.

  • Made by hand in the Bethlehem, Beit Sahour & Beit Jala regions of Palestine
  • Carved from sustainably harvested olive wood
  • Lemon juicer measures approximately 5-1/2" long

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