Brown Leather Bracelet with Cross from India

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An every day bracelet for literally every day. These fabulous bracelets pair metal with leather for a casual look that you can put on and leave on. They make great gifts for the men in your life!

The challenges for many artisans are daunting. In India, their situation is especially challenging. Poverty is an immense problem, and the caste system makes it especially difficult to improve their economic situation. It's not only a matter of making a fair income, but having an income that's consistent. This requires a unique blend that marries their craftsmanship with a modern flair that makes their products highly marketable. When done well, like through this cooperative the partnership supports cultural heritage, creative expression, and fair trade practices, all while looking fabulous dangling from your ears.

  • Made by hand in India
  • Leather with wood cross
  • Button and loop closure
  • Measures 8-3/4" long

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