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Brick and White Woven Horsehair Fan Earrings from Chile

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Sometimes an outfit needs a bold choice of earring. Get your bold in an incredibly light weight and delicate dangle. The movement will captivate, the story will make you completely smitten.

The art of weaving with crin, hair from a horse's mane and tail, dates back for over 200 years in the rural regions of Chile. It's traditionally passed down from mother to daughter, some women having practiced the artform for more than 70 years. Every step of the process is done by hand. The hair is hand-washed, bleached, and sometimes dyed before it's ready to be woven into flowers, dolls, insects, and small baskets as well as various exquisite home goods. Even the smallest of items takes hours weave. Nancy Cortinez is one of these artisans. Learning the artform from her mother, she has a strong commitment to helping others, as well as the desire to preserve this unique cultural heritage. She teaches crin weaving workshops for women around the country, including inmates at the Women's Prison of San Joaquin. 

  • Made by hand in Chile
  • Woven horsehair
  • Measures approximately 2" tall x 1-3/4" wide

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