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Black Leather and Dhaka Woven Fabric Briefcase from Nepal

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The computer bag with the pockets you need and the style you want! This flexible bag goes easily from a shoulder strap to double hands, depending on your needs in the moment with little nooks and crannies to keep you organized as you go. A touch of dhaka fabric adds a bit of eye catching pop.

Nepal Leprosy Trust helps those who have suffered from leprosy or are disadvantaged in other ways. In Nepal, those afflicted with leprosy and their family members are ostracized and regarded as unclean. Little known to many, leprosy is curable. They are often left with nerve damage in their fingers, but the disease is gone. However, the stigma remains, so their family unit has little hope of earning an income. NLT not only provides fair wages, but also offers medical benefits and educational opportunities they would otherwise not have access to. These bags are made from dhaka, a fabric tracing its heritage back to the Limbu people of Nepal. It's a painstakingly slow process, resulting in every piece of fabric being different. The weaver has a small spool of thread for every color they wish to use in the fabric. If they want two thread lengths to be black, they'll pull the black thread through the warp for just those two thread lengths, pull forward the heddle to tighten those threads, then move on the the next few threads. The patterns of dhaka are typically so intricate that after a full day of weaving, they'll have just one meter of finished cloth. It's literally woven a few threads at a time, making this an amazing accessory to add to your outfit.

  • Made by hand in Nepal
  • All black leather with black thread top stitching and dhaka fabric insert
  • Measures 11" tall x 17" wide x 2-3/4 deep x 29-1/4" overall height including strap
  • Features two full external open pockets with retractable handles and removable shoulder strap, zip top, one inside zip close full divider, one inside small zip pocket, two inside small open pockets

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