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Arctic Sunrise Medium Dark Roasted Coffee - Ground

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The only coffee hearty enough to travel with the annual Greenpeace Arctic Expedition. A flavorful blend that's beautifully balanced. Body, Sweetness, Acidity, Aroma, and Aftertaste are all evenly occurring with no one characteristic overwhelming any other. It'll be your new favorite coffee in the mornings or with desert after dinner.

Within the community of growers, there has been collaboration to design and implement the following initiatives:

  • Forgotten Children Literacy Project
  • Fruit Tree Reforestation and Income Generation
  • La Roya Education and Prevention

Certified organicfair trade, and kosher, these coffees are roasted in small batches at our partner beanery in Orange, MA. They pay close attention to ensure that the planting, care, harvesting and processing of the beans is done in conformity with international standards for the health of the farmer and their environment, as well as the high quality of the bean. The vast use of pesticides in coffee production has serious impact on the ecology of the coffee-growing world and the health of farm communities. Being shade grown, our coffees support healthy environments for coffee growers and protect critical migratory bird habitat. Each player in the cycle of production and distribution, from the farmer to the consumer, participates in socially just and environmentally responsible trade. The beans are from small farmer cooperatives, largely made up of indigenous peoples working hard to maintain their culture and lifestyles in a hostile world. By supporting these small coops, rather than large estates and mega farms, we're fighting the chronic poverty and malnutrition that tends to be commonplace in those environments.

  • A unique blend of beans from Nicaragua, Honduras, Peru, Sumatra, Timor, and Papua New Guinea  
  • Medium dark roast
  • Bags are a full pound
  • Ground

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