Apple Cinnamon Yak Milk Soap Made by Tibetan Nomads

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Apple Cinnamon yak milk soap made by the Tibetan Nomads of Qinghai and Gansu, China. The herdsmen or nomads of Western China have a different lifestyle from that we're accustomed to. They live in a very rural environment, traveling where the grazing is best for their herd, and living primarily off the land and the herd. These artisans have learned the skills to produce marketable items in a manner that adjusts for their nomadic lifestyle. Many items use the yak milk and wool they have readily available. The income they earn pays for their basic needs as well as schooling for their children. Yak milk has a higher fat content than other milks and is rich in protein, vitamin A, and calcium. The high content of moisturizing ingredients make this a delightful soap. 100 grams

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