Abstract Copper Patina Necklace from India

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Add some color and texture to your favorite outfit! An embossed copper patina necklace adds texture, color, and intrigue to your favorite looks. 

The challenges for many artisans are daunting. In India, their situation is especially challenging. Poverty is an immense problem, and the caste system makes it especially difficult to improve their economic situation. It's not only a matter of making a fair income, but having an income that's consistent. This requires a unique blend that marries their craftsmanship with a modern flair that makes their products highly marketable. When done well, like through this cooperative, the partnership supports cultural heritage, creative expression, and fair trade practices, while making you look fabulous.

  • Made by hand in India
  • Oxidized copper 
  • Necklace is 21-1/2" long with 1-1/2" extender
  • Lobster claw clasp
  • Pendant measure 2-1/2" tall
  • Due to the nature of oxidized copper, patina will be unique to every necklace and will change over time. 
  • Copper oxidizes when exposed to oxygen, sweat, or oil. Skin may appear green or brown where exposed to the copper. This reaction is normal, natural, and completely harmless. 

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